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"Finally finished your book last night.  Roy, it was excellent.  I have read thousands of books, I would highly recommend this to anyone."  Marty Norris, Advertising, Manasses, Va.

"Outstanding!  The only book I have wanted to read, or will read this year.  The author seems to make it real."  John Holdstock, Corrections Officer, New York Mills, NY.

"I was thrilled to read a book by someone I know.  Then I forgot who had written it and just enjoyed the story."  Belinda Harrison, Bookkeeper, Salisbury, NC.

"Congratulations on a great book!" Mel Edwards, US Army, Retired, Columbia, SC

"I loved your book.  I was up most of the night and got up at 4 a.m. to finish it.  My husband is reading it now and we have a long list of people who are waiting to read it." Sarah Williamson, Teacher, Gouverneur, NY.

"Your book was exceptional and really worth promoting.  I suggest you send one to Oprah Winfrey and also the State Magazine as they are always looking to review good books by NC authors.  I loved your characters and the content and the story line isso true of what is wrong with politics today.  Congratulations on such a wonderful first."  Jackie Christian, Durham NC., Duke Hospital.

"Roy, Thanks so much for the great book...Pam & I were glad to get the chance to read it...Best of luck with your book...Your Friends," Pam & H. Lee Brown, H's-n- O.D.

"Mr. Young, I want to order two of your books...Wonderful, it was just wonderful...I thank you so much for writing this book and I hope that you are writing something else.  Thank you,"  Denise Johnson, Lillington, NC

"The Governor's Prisoner , by Roy Young is very exciting, heart warming, and full of wonderful surprises.  I had a difficult time putting it down because of the suspense in wondering what the next page would reveal...This novel is a must read to appreciate life in the Carolinas and our life style.  This author is indeed a Carolina treasure."  Billy Scott,the Prophets, Beach Music Association International.

Lucy Hendriicks  said, "The book was fantastic and I have told all my friends about it."

“From the first chapter, I was captured by the protagonist’s remorse over losing his son, and his spirit to survive the inevitable, amidst corruption and deception.   The way he handles his imprisonment, and his adventures at the statehouse, including his love-interest, is a character-building example for all of us.  This book will touch your heart and re-nourish your soul.”  Diane DeVaughn  Stokes,  Host of  “Southern Style” on Time Warner T.V. in Myrtle Beach, S.C.


          “One of the best books I have ever read.  It is a story that takes place in N.C. and turns tragedy into triumph.  ‘The Green Mile’ cannot touch it!”  Marie Williamson, North Myrtle Beach Times.


            “The Governor’s Prisoner is definitely one of those books you just can’t put down, especially if you have a passion for the southeast (or better yet, the Carolina coast).  That’s because this book is not only based on a great story that contains good and bad people, horror, grief, pain, sadness, suspense, lust and love, plus all of the other usual makings of a great book, but more than that, The Governor’s Prisoner gives its readers a true feel for the love that tens of thousands, if not millions, of people have for the Carolina coast and its music that’s called Beach Music and the dance that goes with it, known as the Shag.  Even though this southern coastal lifestyle began in the 50’s and grew rapidly throughout the 60’s, the books characters cleverly bring this charming lifestyle to 2001 with a happy ending.  Roy, I loved your book and it’s exactly why I would love to see it on the big screen.  This is the kind of story, and feeling for our rich culture, that I would like for all of America to experience even if only at the theater.” Rickey Poppell, Publisher of Beach Nights Magazine.


            “So, did I like your novel?  I did indeed.  My first reaction is that it’s too short, then again if I recall, so was the “Bridges of Madison County,” and this is much better than that.”  Harry Waters, Writer, New York, New York.


            “Roy, I really enjoyed your book and I read a lot of books.  It was one of the best

I have read in a long time.”  Joseph C. Pistolesi, Restaurant Owner, Governeur, N.Y.


            “Thank you for sharing your book with me.  I have briefly reviewed the book and find it to be most fascinating.  Hopefully, I will have an opportunity in the near future to take the time to completely read it.”

Michael Easley

Attorney General of N.C. (Elected Governor in Nov. 2000)

Raleigh, N.C.


            “I can see how the setting would drive your natives wild with appreciation.  I think it is brilliant and humorous.  Reminds me of Faulkner.  I think this is a brilliant achievement.  I have laughed out loud and appreciate all the culture.”  William Appleby, Advanced Placement Literature Teacher, Gouverneur, N.Y.

            “Many thanks for giving me your book.  It was compelling reading and I just could not put it down.  Roy, mate, I hope to see you in May, till then take care and best wishes with the book.”  Tony Buss, Contractor, London, UK

Article from The Sun News of Myrtle Beach, S.C

            The meeting room at the Stephens Crossroads Library in Little River was filled to capacity last Thursday as people from all over the community as well as patrons of the library crowded in to meet local author Roy E. Young.

            Cindy Burgio, the Library branch manager said she and her book club had read the book and they all loved it.  “We all had the idea that it would make a great movie,” she said.


            “Your book reminded me of the movie, ‘The Green Mile’, but was much better.  As with any GOOD book, I had to force myself to put it down in order to get some sleep.  I especially enjoyed your writing style, it flowed like Southern Comfort.  The story was intriguing and had many interesting twists.  I look forward to your next book.” Todd Beebe, Medical Assistant, Charleston, S.C.




            Dear Oprah,

            We are a group of girls from the South who get together one night a week for fun and companionship.

            In the process we met Roy E. Young.  He has written the enclosed book that we all bought copies of and have read.  Immediately, we all though you might enjoy having it to read for your book club.

            We think this book deserves merit and we hope you will think so too.  Thank you in advance for your help in promoting the career of this new author. ( Ann King, Lou Hayes, Susan Jessie, Mary Mac Holcombe, Peggy Jackson, Peggy Pelasara,  Sherry Mullen,  Mary Mac Holcombe),  (Ocean Isle Beach, N.C) - ( I realize this is extremely unlikely, however I am  truly honored these ladies enjoyed the book enough to send this to Oprah.)


“Your book The Governor’s Prisoner definitely belongs on the best sellers’ list.  The Prisoner held my attention for several hours and I did not want it to end.  Who could ask for better entertainment?

            I am looking forward to reading more of your work.  I am truly a fan."


            Jane Burleson, New Orleans, Louisiana









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